Dr. C. Justin Lee
  Current Member
Current Position : Ph.D course(IRDA)
E-mail: masumasani@gmail.com

Current Position : Ph.D course(IRDA)
 E-mail: masumasani@gmail.com
 Exploring the Role of gliotransmitters on synaptic transmission and plasticity
 Exploring the Interaction between GPCR andl Ca2+ permeable channels in the brain.
 Development of molecular tools for the study of glial function.
 Glia-neuron interaction by g I i otra n s m itte rs. Abn o rrn a I protein production .processing,&aggregati

 Remediation oftoxic effect of metal(As, Cr.Pb) through natural compound
 MicroRNAs in disease and potential therapeutic applications

Integrative Degree Program (Masters leading PhD), Neuroscience
Changjoon Justin Lee
Masters of Science, Genetic Engineering^ Biotechnology
Department of Genetic Engineering&Biotechnology, University of Dhaka.
Thesis Project
"Association of polymorphism of peroxisome pro I iterator activator receptor gamma. (PPAR-G) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) in type 2 Bangladeshi subjects"
This project aims to identify the key genetic determinants of obesity (OBS), hypertension (ITQ andl cardiovascular diseases(CVD) related genes in Bangladeshi population and their association with type 2 diabetes. In addition to molecular biology techniques, different tools of bioiriformatics will be used to analyze and construct a. common gene regulatory network ofmetabolic diseases and interactions among the genes will be studied too..
Assistant Professor Dr. Abu AshfaqurSajib
CGPA: 3.40
Bachelor of Science, Genetic Engineering^ Biotechnology
Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, University of Dhaka.
"Tea extract prevented arsenic-medliated death ofthymocytes in vitro"
In this studly, we report cytotoxic effects of arsenic in primary culture of murine thymocytes and the counteractive actions oftea
extract to reduce this cytotoxic effects.
Professor Dr. Mcl. Anwarul Aiim Akhandl
Test Score
IELTS: Overall 6.0
Higher Secondary School Certificate in Science, Dhaka Board, 2010
GPA; 4.9 (on a scale of 5)Sha.hidl Sayecl Nazrul Islam College, Mymerisingh.
Secondary School Certificate in Science, Dhaka. Board, 2008
GPA; 5.0 (on a scale of 5)Bidldyamoyee Govt. Girls School, Mymensingh.

B.Sc Thesis Title
"Tea extract prevented arsenic-medliated dleath ofthymocytes in vitror.
PuPlication andl Achievements
JoumalPublicatioirMasumaAkter, NafisaNawal Islam, Ahmed Faisal Sum it,Nazmul Ahsan, Shahanoor Hossain,Mamun
Ahmed], Anwarul Azkn Akancl. T e a extract prevents arsenic-mediated DNA damage and death of murine thymocyte in vitro",
Dhaka 니niversity Journal of Pharmaceutical Science.DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/dujps.v14i 1.23739 .
Page 2
Journal Publication:Abu AshfaqueSajib, Sabina Yeasmiin, MasumaAkter, Muhammedl Aflab 니ddin and Sharif Akhteruzzaman.
"Phylogenetic analysis of Bangladeshi population with reference to D1S80 VNTR locus', Bio research Communications. 2(1),

Govt. Board Scholarship (DU), Fro mi(2010-2014)
Boardl of Intermediate and Secondary Education Scholarship, From (2008-2010)
Presentation for thesis project on "Tea extract prevented! arsenic-mediatedl death ofthymocytes in vitro2015.
Paper Presentation on ^Perspective of biotechnology on vegetable', 2015.

Vice President of KobiSufia Kamal Hall.BADHON bloodl donation organization
Member, Athletic team, KobiSufia Kamal Hall, University of Dhaka.
Member, Debating Club, KobiSufia Kamal Hall Unit, University of Dhaka.

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis for separation of DNA, Advanced Biotechnology Laboratories (AB나 Dhaka 니niversity.
Polyacrylamidle gel electrophoresis (PAGE) for separation of DNA, Advanced Biotechnology Laboratories (ABL) Dhaka
In vitro cell culture fromi Single cell suspensions ofthymocytes, Centre for Advanced Research in Sciences (CARS),
니niversity of Dhaka
Isolation of DNA from E. coli, Advanced Biotechnology Laboratories (ABL) Dhaka University
Liquid! and solid culture of bacteria,
Disc diffusion assay for Antibacterial Screening, Serial dilution technique for MIC, Spread plate technique for MBC Advanced Biotechnology Laboratories (ABL) Dhaka University
Isolation of DNA purification [CsCI gradient, mini- and maxi-preps),
DNA gel analysis, quantification and extraction, chromatography [thin layer, ion exchange, exclusion, HPLC), ELISA,
enzymatic assays.

Wordl Processing & Presentation

Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi
Database & Spreadsheet

SPSS, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access,
Design Graphics & Animation

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Dr. Abu AshfaqurSajib;Assistant Professor; [M. Sc. Thesis Supervisor)
Email: Bbu.sajidu.a.c.E)d(AvaiIal)le 니pon Request)
Dr. Md. AnwaruI Azim Akhand; Professor, (B. Sc. Thesis Supervisor)
Email: a.kh an d!@du. ac. bd![Ava i I a bl e 니 pon Request)

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