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 Title |  Selected participants for KIST Neuroscience camp 2017
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:20 pm

We thank you for your interest in participating in KIST neuroscience camp 2017.
Please see below for the list of selected participants and general information.
List of participants in summer neuroscience camp.

김민경   안동여자고등학교   고등학교 2학년(11)
김준하   Korea International School   고등학교 3학년(12)
김현서   Choate Rosemary Hall   고등학교 1학년(10)
박소윤   Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul   고등학교 1학년(10)
엄정현   수원여자고등학교   고등학교 2학년(11)
연지현   North London Collegiate School Jeju   고등학교 2학년(11)
오민석   Korea Kent Foreign School   고등학교 1학년(10)
유하늘   브랭섬홀아시아 (Branksome Hall Asia)   고등학교 1학년(10)
정아영   이대부속고등학교   고등학교 2학년(11)
황연준   La Canada High School   고등학교 1학년(10)

General information
KIST High School Summer Neuroscience Camp 2017
This is a 2-week summer neuroscience camp program for high school
students designed to introduce neuroscience and its related techniques.
Date : 24. Jul. 2014 - 4. Aug. 2017 (for 2 weeks)
Location : KIST L7 L7223 Justin's lab
Applicant : high school students
Principal investigator : C. Justin Lee
Organizer : Min-ho Nam

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